Do you lie awake thinking about tomorrow’s business day? Do you feel your business heading in the right direction? Do you think about your team’s effectiveness weekly? How much time are you spending “On your business” versus “In your business? Do you worry about the cash flow each night?

Let’s examine a hypothetical situation. When you first formed your business, you had a very clear objective and vision for the company. The product offering was simple and your customer base was very loyal. As you grew, both the portfolio and the customer base expanded. The product and service offerings became more complex. You ask, how can I provide a clear concise vision for the company today?

The first step in any coaching arrangement is to know yourself. The second step is to know your company. Before you can identify that new vision, you must gain clarity on who you are and more important, what business am I in. This forms the core foundation for all future strategies and actions that follow.

Once you understand your core foundation, you and your coach explore your business processes. You start to identify and work on your critical constraints and remove them from your business. You strengthen the core pillars that form the foundation for your business. You engage your team by delegating tasks to the most competent personnel. This will free more time for you to work on other areas of your business.

As the barriers to growth are removed, the focus will shift to the sales & marketing team. Actions will be defined that can turn suspects to prospects, and from prospects to customers. New techniques will be explored to increase your customer conversion rate. In many companies, the brand messaging will be re-examined to be consistent with the core foundation that drives the company today.

With critical constraints removed and the company thriving, you and your coach will put the processes in place to sustain growth. Now is the time to re-write the company’s Vison and Mission. Now is the time to think about the strategies for future growth. How will the market change in the future? What do I need to do to address my customer’s future needs? This is leadership. However, with a new foundation and new processes, your strategy—which was once blurred-- becomes clear.

If these questions keep you up at night, then you may want to consider a business coach. Your coach will not be an expert in your industry—that is your role. However, he or she is an expert in the business of business—a business coach is a trusted guide to reinvigorate your business. A process of accountability will be put in place where you can work ON your business challenges weekly. For, only through consistent incremental changes will you see the exponential growth that will redefine your business model.

One question: Are you ready to take that first step?

Posted by Garrett Grega, FocalPoint Business Coaching, on 7/24/2016


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