Last week I attended a speaking event hosted by Tom McCarthy, Philadelphia Phillies Broadcaster. His two guests were Al Guido, President of the San Francisco 49ers, and Luis Perez, EVP and COO of Palace Sports & Entertainment.

They spoke about their business careers in sports. All three people graduated from The College of New Jersey and went on to prominent careers with major sports franchises.

As I recollect the theme of the night, it comes down to three words—people, people, people. Each of their career successes were influenced by the people around them. Al related a story about going to the Dallas Cowboys interview and taking a chance in responding to an email. His chance earned him an interview with Jerry Jones, and ultimately a role within the Dallas Cowboys organization. His role with Dallas helped shape his future career with the San Francisco 49ers.

Luis spoke about the influence his family had on his decision to change careers mid-stream. He made the choice because he wanted to spend more time with his family. As much as we like, we cannot separate family from our careers. They are entwined. The key is to create that proper balance between family and career. Increased stress occurs when we are out-of-balance.

Tom spoke about his passion for entering broadcasting. He was Assistant GM with the Trenton Thunder when he decided that his career passion was in broadcasting. That was a pivotal time in his career. He decided that although his career in the minor league front office was going well, he needed to follow a different path.

All three of them agreed that if you can find your passion in business, your career will follow. It is that passion that keeps you going from day-to-day. Interestingly, that passion can become contagious for the people that are working under you. Each of them related stories of working with their teams to accomplish great goals—i.e. preparation for Super Bowls, All-Star games, and stadium re-constructions.

A career in sports can be just like any career. Just like a sports team, a business team needs to work together to achieve a common objective. By listening to the people around you and following your passion you can achieve great success.

About the Author: Garrett Grega is a Certified Business Coach with FocalPoint Business Coaching in Branchburg, New Jersey, where he specializes in reconnecting executives, business owners, and managers with their business passions! He has 20+ years helping international companies launch new products and processes. He previously spent 8 years launching LED lighting products for various lighting companies. His professional experience includes: strategic planning, business development, marketing, and product development. See more at


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